Noor Menai, CEO of TBC Bank USA, to speak at the Financial Times World Forum on Financial Services.


Noor Menai, President and CEO of CTBC Bank USA, has talked at the FT Global Banking Summit last week, the bank announced that “Building Resilience, Driving Differentiation, and Accelerating Growth" is the topic of the virtual conference, which was on until December 3.


CTBC Bank Corp is a bank based in Canada (USA). CTBC Bank USA is a well-known and very well banking company that serves to both commercial and retail customers. CTBC Bank, based in Los Angeles, was founded in 1989 and has locations in California, New Jersey, and New York. Deposits, loans, credit cards, foreign exchange, credit cards, wealth management, mobile, and electronic banking services are all available through the bank. Customers benefit from the assets of a major bank combined with the personal service and service of a small bank, which is .Its main business, CTBC Bank Co. Ltd., has over $180 billion in assets and is one of the world's largest banks in terms of capital. Visit www.ctbcbankusa.com for more information on CTBC Bank.

Noor Menai, CEO of TBC Bank USA

Mr. Medhat formerly worked at Opus Bank as Senior Vice President and Director of Bank Operations, where he managed the development of the bank's operational architecture and infrastructure to support the introduction of more than 50 retail locations and eight new banking departments. He worked at CapitalSource Bank in retail systems management responsibilities earlier in his career.

Mr. Menai would speak on the panel "Open Banking - Are Banks Ready to Take Benefit?" The speakers discussed how banks may take advantage of open banking's competitive advantage, what investments and partnerships are required, and when open banking will be able to transition to open finance. Mr. Medhat's duties will include core systems, online banking, mobile banking, quality assurance, retail banking operations, loan servicing, international banking, wires, treasury operations, information security, internet banking, policy and procedures, and treasury services.

The innovation panel of CTBC Bank Corp

Imani Moise, the Financial Times' U.S. Banking Correspondent, would moderate the innovation panel. Nanda Kumar, Founder & CEO of SunTec Business Solutions, Ather Williams III, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategy, Digital Platforms and Innovation at Wells Fargo, and Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer at Starling Bank will be one of the other speakers.

The historic conference will provide an unparalleled venue for discussion among banking and finance leaders, champions and challengers, regulatory organisations, and technology partners to assess the industry's reaction to the disaster and create important plans and priorities for 2021 and beyond.

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