Methane gas explosion in Sicily causes deadly building collapse


Italian firefighters and rescuers search for survivors among the rubble of a collapsed building, in Ravanusa, Sicily, Italy.

Three people died and several are missing after an explosion in Sicily due to a gas leak, Italian authorities said.

The methane explosion resulted in the collapse of several buildings in the town of Ravanusa, Italy's civil protection officers said.

Two women were rescued alive, rescuers added, and transported to a local hospital.

One of the women, Rosa Carmina told Italian newspaper La Repubblica: "I had just returned home, around 8pm, suddenly the light went out, the roof and the floor came down".

She said her sister-in-law was the other woman rescued from the rubble.

Around 250 rescuers arrived in Ravanusa to help with the search and rescue mission, the Sicily civil protection said. Firefighters originally had a difficult time intervening due to the gas leak.

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