EPL: Mikel Arteta hints at Arsene Wenger’s return to Arsenal

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta has dropped a hint at Arsene Wenger’s new role at Arsenal when he finally returns to the Emirates.

Wenger now works as FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development after ending his 22-year reign at Arsenal back in 2018.

But the 72-year-old would possibly return to the Emirates in the near future.

Arteta, who served as Wenger’s captain from 2014 until his retirement, subsequently said his former boss’ presence would be a ‘great help’ due to the ‘respect, admiration and love’ he still has at Arsenal.

Asked what role Wenger could take at Arsenal, during his press conference on Thursday, the Spaniard replied, “I cannot tell you now.

“But what I can say is I would like him to be much closer to me personally because I think it would be a great help, a great help for the club.

“Things take time and he has to dictate those timings and what I can say from my side on my behalf of everybody that we would be delighted to have him much closer.”

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