Doctors In South Africa Are Noticing Symptoms. Omicron Is A Milder Version of Delta.

 The Omicron strain is spreading over Africa, and COVID-19 cases have increased by 93 percent over the last week. However, there are positive signs, as early data shows that hospitalizations in South Africa are still minimal.

This week ending of December 5, Africa recorded over 107 000 cases, rising from around 55 000 that week. Five nations accounted for 86% of the cases recorded in the previous week, and all of the country's sub-regions – including that week – reported an increase in new cases. With a 140 percent growth, Southern Africa led the way.

Dr.Unben Pillay on omicron 

Dr.Unben Pillay is seeing numbers of sick patients every day as the omicron strain spreads across South Africa. He doesn't want to admit anyone to the hospital, though.That's one of the reasons he and other doctors and medical experts believe that omicron variant of COVID-19 is producing milder COVID-19 than the delta version, despite the fact that it appears to be spreading rapidly.

In according  to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases in South Africa:

COVID-19 hospital visits had been reduced thesetime, ranging roughly 2.8 days compared to eight days previously.

The approximately 30% of patients admitted with COVID-19 in recent weeks were critically ill, which is less than half the proportion seen in past pandemic waves' beginning weeks.

Only 3% of COVID-19 patients hospitalised recently have died, compared to around 20% in past outbreaks in the country.

However, scientists around the world are keeping an eye on case numbers and hospitalisation rates, as well as testing current vaccines and treatments. While deltavariant  remains the most common coronavirus strain, omicron cases have been reported in many of countries, with South Africa being the centre.

According to a small research

Omicron might completely evade protection from two doses of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, according to a small study published this week by a South African research institute.In the lab, however, the two businesses claim that a three-shot course of their vaccination can eliminate omicron.

According to South African researchers, there is indication that the omicron coronavirus strain is less deadly than the delta strain. In the United States, New York will reintroduce its mask regulation.

Pillay on Omicron 

Pillay is a director of a South African organisation that represents 5,000 general practitioners, and his colleagues have made similar conclusions concerning omicron. COVID-19 cases that are less severe have also been reported by Netcare, the largest private health provider.

However, the number of cases is increasing. South Africa verified 22,400 new cases on Thursday and 19,000 new cases on Friday, compared to about 200 per day just a few weeks ago. Minister of Health Joe Phaahla stated Friday that the new outbreak has affected 90,000 people in the last month.

According to  Dr. Jassat

Despite early signs that omicron cases are less severe, Jassat,who works at the National Institute of Communicable Diseases and is in charge of hospital data and he believes that the number of new COVID-19 cases may overburden South Africa's hospitals, leading to a higher number of severe symptoms and deaths.

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