Amazon Employees Are Planning A Strike On Black Friday.

 Amazon could have a hard Black Friday.

Workers at the online retail business want better compensation and working conditions and for the company to take a more positive approach to issues like the climate disaster, or they'll go on strike on the biggest shopping day of the year. Let's check the full details in the article.

Black Friday Strike by Amazon workers

Employees at Amazon have announced that on Black Friday, November 26, they will go on strike to demand a better working environment, among other things.

According to Business News, the strike is part of the "Make Amazon Pay" movement, including 70 trade unions and organizations.

Key points of the amazon black Friday strike 

Amazon must make many changes in five important areas, according to the campaign.

They are improving the working environment. The group wants all Amazon warehouse workers to be paid more, including hazard and premium pay. They also want the company's "monitoring system" to be suspended, and they think paid sick time should be extended.

It ensures that everyone has a job. Amazon is also being encouraged to stop all forms of casual staff and restore employees who spoke out about the company's health and safety.

Maintain a long-term strategy. Amazon is also asked to commit to minimal environmental impact by 2030, end-all consumer contracts with fossil fuel corporations, and end its "environmental racism" involvement.

Repay the favor to society. The corporation is also advised to pay all its taxes, particularly in nations where "actual economic activity occurs." Amazon should also cut taxes and be transparent about its finances.

Kelly Nantel, the Amazon spokesperson, claims that. 

Amazon claims to have made progress on these requests.

"While we are not perfect in any area, if you objectively look at what Amazon is doing in each of these areas, you'll see that we do take our position and our contribution very seriously," Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Last year, as Amazon's sales increased during the COVID outbreak, there was a similar call for a workers' strike on Black Friday. Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, voted against joining a union in April.

Black Friday strike 

Protests from textile workers in Cambodia, where Amazon earlier avoided paying workers compensation package during the pandemic; strikes and work stoppages at warehouses across France; a driver strike in Italy, the second of the year after delivery drivers demanded a more humane work schedule in March; and demonstrations at the site of Amazon's new regional headquarters in South Africa, which is being built on sand. Workers from around the country are expected to participate, with virtual and in-person rallies planned in at least five locations.


During the holiday season, all of the horrible circumstances that Amazon employees experience all year are increased. Warehouse workers have claimed that they are made to work 60-hour weeks and are expected to perform physical labour at high rates of speed to meet customer expectations. Workers' stress levels are at an all high, the week frequently results in high rates of workplace injuries, and employees fear penalties if they don't keep up with the insane speed. Workers will not only be exercising their labour power, but they will also be getting a much-needed break, which Amazon does not give.

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